Capsule Filling Machine

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  1. Automatic Capsule Filling And Sealing Machine

    This is a fully automatic machine, which works on the principles of frequency control and multi-bore dosing. Known for its high performance and speed, intermittent motion is also its feature. Precision manufactured, it allows automatic completion of capsule feeding, separating and other processes. 
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  2. Capsule Filling Machine

    This capsule filling machine is highly accurate and very productive. Its filled precision and safety are two of its best characteristics. Coupled with competitive prices, this machine is extremely useful and has systematic operation. There is a pre-defined functional sequence, that allows organized completion of process. 
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  3. Capsule Filling And Sealing Machine

    Known for power efficiency and precision operation, this capsule filling and sealing machine is used for filling in the powder in hard gelatine capsules. The entire operation is done in high speed and its international level design ensures higher accuracy. 
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  4. Capsule Filling And Sealing Machine

    The functional sequence followed in this capsule filling and sealing machine starts with loading of empty capsule and its separation. Some intermediate processes are powder or pellet filling, reserve station and backward movement of lower module segment. The last sequence is that of cleaning the module segment. 
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  5. Automatic Capsule Filler

    Ideal for use to fill pellets, powder and granules, this automatic capsule filler can also handle other types of formulations. It has different modes that allows changing of settings to meet the desired output requirements. Feeding, rejection, closing and ejection processes are all automatic. 
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  6. Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Having an output of 3500 granule per minute, this capsule filling machine has 25 segment bores and are suitable for filling capsules with powder. It consumes 10.5kw of power and weighs 2200 kilogram. Its automatic and fast operation is fully supported with precise operation. 
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  7. Capsule Filler And Sealer

    We offer 3 different models of capsule filler and sealer, wherein the main difference is in capsule filling capacity (calculated per minute), which ranges from 800 to 1200 capsules per min. Also, their number of dies varies from 6 to 9.  
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