Tube Filing And Sealer Machine

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  1. NF 100 A Tube filler and sealer machine

    This tube filler and sealer machine is used to fill a number of products in tubes, after which these are sealed. Various types of products can be filled using this machine, some are cream, gel and various food products. 
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  2. NF 60 A tube filling and sealer machine

    Use this product for filling shampoo, ointment, sauce and other products in a safe and hygienic manner. The tube filling and sealer machine is made from rust resistant and food-grade material to ensure zero adulteration of the food items being packed. 
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  3. NF 80 A tube filling and sealer machine

    This model of tube filling and sealer machine is ideal for filling tooth paste, food products, adhesives and other products into tubes. Once filled, these tubes are automatically sealed which ensures tamper resistance of the product. It conforms to GMP norms and has a standard design. 
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